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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weapon of Massive Fires

Today was the big day for finishing up the Manzanita
removal project that was started last May of 2012. 

With the help of Todd and Tim of Cut-Wright
and their amazing machine short work was made
of the remaining burn piles!

Tim had about 6 fires going simultaneously
and Russell kept moving around
making sure everything was burning safely.

Pretty damn amazing how flammable this
Manzanita is- thank goodness this is a
controlled burn as opposed to a Summer wildfire.

Russell with a fire fighting tool....

We highly recommend Todd and Tim Wright of Cut-Wright
They offer a full range of services for the home/land owner
 ranging from small scale logging to pruning fruit trees
Address: PO Box 410, Mt Shasta, CA 96067
Tel: 530 926 4388
Fax: 530 926 4388
We could not have accomplished this task
without their professional advice and help!


  1. Wow, and it's a lot of work too. Glad you got it done.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. Aren't you nice to refer someone's business.

    What a big job...but it's behind you now.

  3. It's great to find professionals who get it done correctly, isn't it?

  4. Is that the reason these tree needed to come down---fire prevention?

  5. You'll be much safer now.

  6. Stephen- when we bought our home about a year ago no one including the owner or the realtor disclosed the dangerous situation we had with all the flammable Manzanita too close to our home.
    Once we had closed on the house and were moving in our cousin (who is retired from the Forest Service not too long ago) lectured us on how we were not in compliance with the California Fire laws.
    Whoops- we had to spend a lot of money clearing last May and it's just now that the piles were safe to burn. A very expensive lesson.
    What really irks me is that the previous owner is an arborist who works here locally. He damn well knew and just didn't tell us.
    Ah well....karma will prevail.


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