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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lemon Marmalade Extravaganza

When you have lemons ....make Marmalade!
(And use Meyer Lemons !)

A summer wedding prompted
 this marathon of Meyer Lemon Marmalade making 

The facts:
9 batches of marmalade to make 132 4 oz jars

Took 81 lemons= 9 lemons each batch
22.5 cups of sugar= 2.5 cups each batch
27 cups of water = 3 cups water each batch
We used the wonderful Pomona's Universal Pectin
and used only 5 or maybe 6 boxes total!
Follow their directions!!!
It's a wonderful pectin and I will never use any other.

and it really helps to have Chef Jay's kitchen available!

It took us a total of just 6.5 hours from start to finish
Notice please I am now allowing myself a beer! Whew!

Here's a photo of the marvelous pectin!
Used so little sugar compared to other
dextrose laden pectins- which made
our Marmalade much healthier and tastier.

So- where's the sunshine and lounging chairs????
Happy Weekend everyone!

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Ralph said...

I notice the bottle of Liberty Ale - that no doubt helped in completing the 9 batches/132 jars. I have never had a lemon marmalade, but a toasted bagel seems the perfect accompaniment! Love your stove - the 10 burners now 6 with two griddles. I'd enjoy cooking with that :) Have a nice week!

Sylvia K said...

Oh, looks SO delicious!! Great captures for the day as well! Thank you, Kathe, for commenting on the post about my daughter!! Your kind words are so appreciated! We are all so very grateful that things went as well as they did!!

LV said...

Would be nice sitting in one of those chairs in the sunlight with shadows all around us.

Anonymous said...

Great recipe post ~ sounds delish ~ great photos too!

Stephen Hayes said...

I've had orange marmalade but never lemon. Must give it a try.

Dana said...

Those pictures make my mouth water. Yum!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Lemon marmalade sounds like a great experience for the taste buds! Love that last photo of chairs inviting some time to enjoy the beautiful sunlight!

Jim said...

You lemon marmalade sounds really good. I like lemon curd too. Homemade is the best!!!

We have your sunshine here in Texas.

Paula Scott said...

Oh, my! Is it the time of year for Meyer's lemons? I've been waiting for it and I hope we get some out here in NM (rarely see it here). They are so very tasty and the marmalade is mouthwatering. Thanks for the share on the pectin too-good to know!

Linda said...

You were quite ambitious! That is a lot of marmalade! :)

I seldom eat marmalade...and I have never had it made from lemons...but I think it sounds good! :)

I love lemons!

Happy Weekend!


messymimi said...

Lucky wedding guests!

bj said...

I've never had Lemon Marmalade but, boy, it sounds WONDERFUL..I love lemon ANYthing.

McGuffy Ann said...

Oh, yum! I love this stuff!

Sandee said...

I can remember my mother canning things when I was growing up. We lived on a farm and it's just what people did. Not so much now, so it's refreshing to see that some still do.

Have a terrific day. :)

Cheryl said...

I hadn't heard of lemon marmalade. It sounds wonderful. All your recipes sound awesome.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I have never had lemon marmalade! I must try.

robin. said...

okay...i am wondering how the marmalade correlates with a wedding? and it sounds like after 6 hours a beer was due...