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"Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time." ~Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Just one more chapter....? Magpie #154

Central Library, Manchester, U.K., by Robin Gosnall** 

I'm under the covers
Rapidly reading the thriller
My flashlight dims
Just as he kills her
"Hey-go to bed-
and turn off your light"
"Mom please just one more chapter
 and then goodnight?"

How many of us have had this conversation?
For other's takes on this image go here:

**Work began on this magnificent Central Library, designed by Vincent Harris ,
 in 1930 and there was a grand opening in 1934 by King George V.
Only 9.25 km from the town of Worsley where my ancestors
came from ages and ages ago. The story my father used to tell
around the dining room table was that one of the Worsley's
took up with the local barmaid and then they emigrated to the USA...
back when it was still a colony.
Who knows if that's true or just a "family dinner legend". 


  1. A common complaint, I think. Nice one.

  2. Books will always win over bedtime...

  3. Winsome and delightful...

  4. Oh, yes... and now I'm the mom doing the same...

  5. Yes, I've lived that scene and I still essential reading before bed.

  6. You can't go to sleep until you know how the story comes out.

    Also, you could always go looking to trace your family tree. It might give you some even more interesting stories.

  7. Oh, did I have that conversation! one more chapter turned into 'one more book?' before long. my parents were not happy :) great job

  8. Under the covers ... I've read many a book! Love the family 'notes' as well.

  9. Ah...sweet bookish memories...

  10. One dreams of wanting just one more chapter...super! And thanks for the info..

  11. I did it with candles! It is a wonder the house was not burnt down!
    But we are still here to assure you the barmaid story is true.

  12. Now that I'm the mother, I read "one more chapter" far too often. Thanks for the memory and family legend!

  13. Yes....love this Kathe! :-)

  14. The sheets I've hidden under for the sake of that last little thrill....!

    ......I think I'd be too scared to go delving into my ancestral findings! I'd come from some deranged maniac or other.....lol

  15. Lena-
    I sorta feel the same way about searching back and finding out what kind of nut burgers I come from.....as one of my kids once said "do you really want to find more crazy relatives?" Thanks for visiting!


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