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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Six Words and Sunday Shadows....November 22-23, 2014

Our wild turkeys have no fear

However this bird will be dinner
While vacationing in Mexico we rode a little
bus with a family and their Christmas dinner.
This wild bird is a Cachalaca. They are taking
it home to feed it corn, bread and bananas
until Christmas eve.  I felt sorry for it, however
there's really no difference to our Thanksgiving Turkey 
or a traditional English Christmas Goose. Other than
this family truly knows where their dinner comes from. 
Here's more INFO about this bird.
And here are the links to Six Words
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. NOt only that, they know what it ate before they ate it. Smart, I say...

  2. Very interesting. I've never heard of this bird and I will follow the link to learn more about it.

  3. Strange to see a bird travelling on the bus in this way. Fascinating photos.

  4. This is why you don't name the animals when you live on a farm, unless they are for dairy or breeding. It makes it much harder to get dinner down when you know its name.

  5. Interesting photo indeed! They sure are having fun with it!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Kathe! The celebration snuck up on me :)

  7. Anonymous3:43 AM

    Most mornings, we're up and about early enough to see the flock of 30-50 of them making their way from our side woods, across the road into the neighbor's back field to forage.

  8. When you're raised on a farm you know where your food comes from. I never thought about it at all it was just a way of life and it still is.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to Miss Lucy. :)

  9. Interesting! My grandfather always had such a hard time killing the turkey that he had raised for Thanksgiving. I myself could never do it, but then again I'm an old softy.

  10. A fun share, I raised a dozen turkeys this year.

  11. Funny, I tried to leave a comment on your post about traveling in a "luxury" van. I thought you should ride a chicken bus instead, the brightly colored locals bus with a few crates of poultry and a crazy driver, apparently you were able to squeeze in that adventure too!


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