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"Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time." ~Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Magpie #30

Three for the price of one! I love this simple image of

a bitten apple carelessly left on a magazine page...

and being me I wrote three ...you choose which one you

like and if you have the time-let me know.

And once again, thanks Willow for this venue!


Apples, apples apples.

Mere images of apples

Make my mouth water

And my mind wanders

To our past family dinners

With pork roasts and applesauce

And spicy hot apple cider

Warming cold hands returning

from snowball fights or walks at night

And best of all the Dutch Apple Pie

That I now make while remembering

Christmases past

While looking forward to today.

Apple Haiku #1

Crunchy bites

Sticky juice drips down my chin

Crisp delight

Apple Haiku #2

Cold hands grasp

Warm mugs of apple cider

Spiced with love

Pauls's favorite Dutch Apple Pie

Below is a photo of the recipe-

click on the photo to enlarge so you can read it! I use parchment paper on the bottom
and the sides of the springform pan. That way nothing sticks! Very rich and yummy.


  1. Apple haiku #1 .... love it!

  2. Apple Haiku #1 is also my favorite. I would also like a piece of that dutch apple pie but I could perhaps be satisfied with a recipe if that is at all possible?

  3. "Memories" has my vote!

  4. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Although haiku #1 seems to be more in keeping with the hint of oriental mysticism, I prefer Haiku #2 because I enjoy a straight forward "HEY YEAH" after I read something. lol

  5. The apple, so versatile...just like you are with words.

  6. all three are great, but now I'm in the mood to bake an apple pie!

  7. Number one paints a picture. I find that appealing.

  8. Both the poetry and the pie are tops. I could really go for a slice.

  9. Lovely memories. Could you send me a piece of that pie. It looks absolutely delicious :)

  10. Memories is a priceless slice of life - family, food and holiday. My favorite (at this moment). :)

  11. Haikus are Ok, but apple pie poems are perfect!

    Re politics here... we are in flux between several ages.
    Domination and cooperation.
    Fossil and renewable.
    Image and reality.

    Whatever the main parties do, it takes a small party like the Greens to initiate change. That's what's happening here! So exciting.

  12. I loved all three of them. Wonderful magpie! =)


  13. I love them all..the list of pleasures..yummy food really got me! #1...

  14. oh i like the first as it stirred up quite a few childhood memories...nice magpies...

  15. We enjoy the triple treat. But I loved Haiku #1 best!

  16. Hmm...I can't decide between both the haikus which is my favorite! What wonderful imagery you have painted. Great Mag! Or, Mags! :)

  17. they are all three very nice - but my favorite is the haiku no. 1 - fantastic - and the picture - yummy…

    here's my magpie

  18. I have to say I like the #2 haiku best, but all three are nice. Ah, and the Dutch apple pie looks soooo good!

  19. Yum for the haikus! They make me wish for apple season.

  20. Gives a new meaning to nice as pie... :) lol

  21. Excellent magpie x3! :o)

  22. I like the last one best, with the spice.

  23. I love them all, Kathe! Why should we have to choose?


  24. While I am in the mood for reminiscing "Memories" evokes such lovely scents and sounds but think the sheer simplicity of haiku#1 wins the day.

  25. Anonymous7:33 AM

    I like them all. Totally gonna check out that apple pie recipe, it looks soooo good!

  26. Memories, definitely (but I'm an old sentimental softie!).

  27. my mouth is watering... i have to say, i like apple haiku #1 the best... short and deliciously sweet. thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  28. The first one! The thought of warm hands, cold walks and hot spicy apple cider! Winter imagery, I adore!

  29. They are all filled with warm goodness but I like haiku 2 the best since I like the image of "cold hands grasping mugs of hot cider spiced with love." Seems we are both on the same page thinking delicious autumn thoughts. :-)

  30. Enjoyed all 3... the apple pie looks yummy. Will now have to find something to satisfy the craving.

  31. loved the apple cider haiku.
    lovely rhythm and as warm as the words

  32. Liked all the 3, but my best vote goes for the first, Memories. It paints a cosy picture you can almost relate to... and do share the apple pie recipes.. I'm sure after reading your mags everyone's craving for it..

  33. Kathew this is just awesome...so much to take in here....with a recipe and all! Delicious Magpie!

  34. Hi K. I like all three but the one about memories is my favorite. Makes me want to bake an apple pie. Thanks for stopping by.

  35. Oh you had to throw in the Yummy picture of that apple pie...I am hungry...Nice Magpie...bkm

  36. I liked them all, but apple haiku #2 is my favorite. They were all three very vivid. Thanks also for stopping by at Life is Good. I appreciate your nice comment.

  37. Is it all right if I enjoy them all? So nice to know there were other families out there who had applesauce with their pork roasts: I could taste that whole poem--happily. Haikus are perfect. Thank you for sharing all of these, and thanks for the kind words you left on my blog...

  38. Apple haiku #2 is my favorite. In fact, I love it.

    Would you believe that I have never made an apple pie?
    Oh my!
    I might try
    This recipe by
    and by

    word verification is somewhat appropriate-sounding: "ovencip"

  39. After reading it again, Haiku #2 kinda grows on you. It's more emotive.

  40. After reading it again, Haiku #2 kinda grows on you. It's more emotive.


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