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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

P is for Pears and Pesto

Our neighbors up the street have fruit trees
and dropped off a bag o' pears a few days ago...
so I made a few pints of canned pears with ginger.
I just followed Joy Of Cooking's recipe for canned pears,
but added to each jar a nice piece of candied ginger...yum.
Meanwhile up in my veggie garden my Basil plants are resembling hedges-
So, here's my favorite Pesto recipe-
(it can be frozen as long as you don't add the cheese til defrosted)
Paula and Jay's Pesto
2 cups fresh Basil
1 cup nuts
(pine,walnuts,even shelled sunflower seeds are tasty)
4 cloves garlic cut up
1 cup olive oil
1 cup parmesan,romano, asagio cheeses
(your choice-I like to mix 'em up a bit)
freshly ground black pepper
(I don't use it, but some folks like it)
Put the basil, nuts and garlic into a food processor
Whirl/pulse til well acquainted
Add olive oil and process just til mixed.
Stir in cheese, black pepper and eat.
Goes great on bread, pasta but not canned pears.
(Well, maybe on canned pears, but I haven't tried that yet)


  1. What a wonderful way to preserve nature's bounty. This pesto looks delightful.

  2. The peaces and pesto sound fabulous.

    Thanks for the visit and comment.


  3. Sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing this with us! :-)

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    Happy Sunday!
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