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Friday, September 03, 2010

Q is for Queen for a Day Cookies and Quilts

Our niece Jennifer is having a big family BBQ this Sunday
so I decided to make "Queen for a Day" cookies for the little
girls and One Eye Green Martian cookies for the boys.
I used a simple roll out cookie recipe from Joy Of Cooking...
They turned out pretty cute I think!
( these were inspired by a gift from Wyoming of the crown
cookie cutter along with a moose and bronco rider cookie cutters!
I'll get to those later on...)
Meanwhile, I finished the latest baby quilt going to
a cute little boy who has a chicken raising mother!
So of course I had to stick hens and chicks into the quilt!

and here's the recipe for the cookies! Enjoy!


  1. Lovely post -- and mouth watering photo's beautiful quilt.


  2. Your quilt is so beautiful! Great work. The cookies look pretty good, too.

  3. such a great idea for the cookies, and the quilt is outstanding!

  4. So martian clothes have buttons! Listen. Should that not read Q for Qookies and Quilts? Ha!

    Re Greens (your comment on our elections, my blog). Here, they started out 30 years ago with one man protesting the indiscriminate logging of our last pristine forests and the jailing of homosexuals just for being homosexual.

    It has been a huge struggle, but the movement he began so long ago stopped logging in his home state, so we now have about a third of Tasmania reserved as wilderness and he is poised to have the last discrimination against homosexuals removed from the statutes. Of course Green policies have now expaded to cover all areas of government.

    Dr Bob Brown is the founder and still the leader of the Australian Greens that doubled its parliamentary presence this election.
    Greening of government takes time, but its time has come. The planet demands we act now, so ginger up the process. Check out the American Greens!
    As Dr Bob says: "You'll feel better if you are involved!" And thanks kathew, for allowing me this space at your place.

  5. I'll give those cookies a go. Halloween next month, so a batch will come in handy for then! The quilt looks fab. What an inspiring, creative visit!


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