"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." ~George Bernard Shaw

"Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time." ~Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Six Word Saturday and Shadow Shot Sunday September 7-8, 2013

Sunrise near Mt Shasta California

Yet another road trip for us!
Soon the snow will fly and we will be cozily 
staying home. We have a few more short
trips planned before then. This time we're off
to visit friends in Vancouver BC!!
We will be taking the train from Portland Oregon.

Hop Works Thursday September 5,2013

Russell at his favorite brew pub Portland Hop Works.
 He's at the far end of the bar

Hop Works Black Bean Burger.....perfection !

It's now Friday and here's
 some downtown Portland pics:

Manager Hands Through the Glass
Davis Street Tavern

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Basil soup  9-6-2013 

We had a lovely lunch at this Tavern. 
Now off to catch our train!

Stuck on the Columbia River Bridge 9-6-2013

Our train got stuck for awhile...
and then we got going...but did
have to stop all along the way...

 Tacoma Narrows Bridge 9-6-2013

Sunset Along the Puget Sound 9-6-2013

Ted and John  9-6-2013

An hour and some minutes late we
finally arrived in Vancouver B.C.
Ted had a hilarious sign... and 
we're so happy to see them!
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  1. Great shots, but all the food made me hungry.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  2. Wow, I know that train trip to Portland, all the way from St. Paul, Minnesota. We rented a car from Portland and spent a week at Cannon Beach in Oregon, but we also did the tour around Oregon and even into the state of Washington! Such an amazing trip it was, enjoy, and have fun with your friends.

  3. This looks like a place to really dine! That looks like an elegant grilled cheese (Gouda?), the chowders and soups divine and that in-housed brew (an ale in red) seem a perfect aperitif prior to catching the train. Yes the train schedules always see to be in flux - so you can enjoy all the scenery as time passes. Nice views, excellent trip!

  4. Enjoy your trip! The food at that bar looks tasty.

  5. That's what I call a dark cloud looming. I love the one of the hand reflection!

  6. Wishing you safe travels! Enjoy your time up here in the great (and beautiful) Pacific Northwest!

  7. the sites, the sounds, the smells...thanks for taking us along. Enjoy!!!

  8. I love train travel. Mine always consists of Cincinnati to Tampa. The seasonal changes are phenomenal. I loved your bridges.

  9. Enjoy your stay, Kathe ~~ The last train we took was to the Gatwick Airport in London. They come every 10 or 15 minutes so no problem with being late, stuck, etc.

    But when it was time to get off we hadn't realized that we were not on the Gatwick Express. This one was a through train and we were too leisurely in getting off.

    With feet in the door we did manage to get out and all (four of us, Mrs. Jim, Karen, KP, and me) of our eight pieces of luggage also. A young man, a passenger, helped us when he saw our troubles.

  10. Enjoy your road trip, and be sure to get lots of shadow shots (if the sun is shining).

    Shadows and Silhouettes

  11. Interesting views of the bridge. It is good to relax in a train and just focus on enjoying the passing scenery.

  12. Have a great time and come back with lots of stories.

  13. Bon voyage! That perspective through the glass is really neat, i'll have to look and see if i ever notice something like it.

  14. Gorgeous! We were just in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle and surrounds), too. Isn't it beautiful?


  15. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Lovely sunset, Kathe. I can imagine you coming back with some fabulous shots of Vancouver. It looks such a beautiful place.

  16. I agree with Sandee, Love all the great shots but the food has me wanting to go out for some soup and a black bean burger. I enjoy taking trains but we have found here the constant stops to allow for the freight trains makes the trip overly long.

  17. Sounds fun! I like your pictures. Winter is just around the corner!
    : )


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