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Friday, May 03, 2013

It's Feline Friday!!!

"HEY! Let me out!"
Lucy's first visit to the vet! 

Thanks to to BFDude for this meme!


  1. Cats hate to go to the vet. Our dog loves to go. Go figure.

    Have a terrific Feline Friday. Big hugs. :)

  2. Thanks for all your supportive comments, had to laugh. I don't have a kid in the house either...except well, me, lol.

    This cat picture reminds of a time when we were cat sitting. We had the blinds here and the cat loved to step between them to get to the window and the ledge. Apparently they didn't have window ledges in their house and the cat really loved ours. Somewhere I have a great picture of one paw in and one paw out. No clue where there, too long ago. It was pretty darn funny though watching it.
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  3. Or was she being nosey? LOL

    Have a purrrfect weekend :-)

  4. You are stuck,and so out of luck!

  5. I'd be trying to get out also.

  6. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I feel her pain! ~xo~

  7. You can't blame a furkid for considering all options, escape would be high on my list at the vet too! Kinda felt the same way at the doc today when she came in with two shots!

  8. If I have to go to the doctor, so does the cat. Maybe the cat was afraid of a little cat snip. LOL

    Have a great weekend! Thanks for participating in Feline Friday.


  9. Poor thing! I hope she had a great check-up. ☺

  10. How very cute! Lucy is just checking out what is happening outside. I took one of my cats in for a ultrasound yesterday, and she behaved badly...very badly.

  11. Cats hate, and mine tell me so. Such language!


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