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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Facepuke Problems

Fellow bloggers- Has anyone else had a problem like what is described below? I suspect I have had my facebook hacked, but when I have written them I get NO reply except the one below. Would any of you send Facebook your pesonal Goverment ID such as a drivers license?
Good Morning .
 I have a huge problem with my facebook account. I do not have a mobile phone with texting capabilities.
When traveling out of town two days ago I used my lap top and tried to access my facebook. For some reason Facebook decided I had to submit a mobile number to Facebook so as to get a confirmation code to put in to prove who I am. I am not able to do that as my cell phone does not have texting capabilities. Facebook thinks I should follow the instructions below to be able to access my facebook account. This is a horrible idea as this is how identities are stolen. I am assuming that this email below is spam and a scam and that somehow my facebook account was hacked. Please advise me as to what I can do- or should I just forget it and not use facebook anymore?
Unfortunately, we can’t assist you until you reply and attach identification that verifies the name submitted in your request.
Please attach a copy of one government-issued ID (ex: driver's license or passport) or two documents from a respected institution or business. Together these documents must show your full name, photo, and date of birth.
Some examples of acceptable documents include:
- School or work ID
- Utility bill
- Marriage license
- Legal name change paperwork
- Credit card (with the number blacked out)
- Birth certificate
If possible, save this file as a JPEG and cover up any personal information that we don't need to verify your identity (ex: address, license number). We also recommend sending your attachments over a secure connection. Find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/help/183256078471165/?ref=cr
Note that we won't be able to assist you until we receive the proper documents.
The Facebook Team


Helen said...

Can you close it down and begin all over again?

Ornery's Wife said...

Never have had any of that happen. I have closed out accounts before and reopened them under a different email address though. I had gotten hacked and that seemed to be a fairly good way to take care of it. Also cleaned up my friends list a bit while I was at it! ;)

Sandee said...

Facebook isn't getting any of this from me. I'll delete the account first. I think this is someone other than Facebook. Identity thieves more than likely. I just delete these emails.

Have a terrific day Kathe. ☺

messymimi said...

Now you understand why i don't have Facebook! The fact is, they are so tired of people pretending to be other people, and hacking accounts, that they've had to resort to extremes to make sure you are who you say. Ask the 5 other women with Facebook accounts whose actual names were Kate or Catherine Middleton.

Stephen Hayes said...

I HATE Facebook.

Anonymous said...

My one friend is addicted to Facebook, and when she got hacked it was sort of funny watching her throw her tantrums. But yeah. I hate Facebook. ;)

Friends of Luscher Farm said...

That's a bogus letter. FB has never required any ID. Heck, they don't even ask for it when you apply, that's how my underage daughter got her account before she got caught. Pfft——that spammer needs to get a REAL job.

Mary O said...

I never have and never will use Facepuke!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Wowzers...I think that's probably a spam email. Surely they would not ask for that type of information.