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"Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time." ~Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Friday, May 10, 2013

Feline Friday

This is me trying to give Lucy
her allergy pill!
Yes yes Lucy does have allergies!
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  1. Yikes, giving a cat pills is awful and then some. Our dog just goes with the program. Cats no way.

    Have a fabulous Feline Friday. ☺

  2. I've never tried to give a cat a pill but getting a dog to swallow a pill isn't easy either. I've rolled pills in hamburger and they swallow and spit out the pill.

  3. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Geez! I thought it was me giving Chloe Jo her allergy pill! Maggie P. has allergies, but she takes everything in stride...Chloe Jo, not so much! (And it looks like Chloe Jo!)

  4. I have actually gotten to be able to do it by myself...not that Lucy is resigned to me doing it....heheheh

  5. Great cartoon, you need chain mail sleeves!

  6. Giving pets (cats or dogs) medication is not an easy task and in most cases net to impossible.

    Have a great weekend.


  7. That looks like total hell.

  8. The best way to give a cat a pill is to have a few trial runs with a 6-year-old child first...

  9. LOL I used to dread giving mine one

    I'm a bit late this week arrrghhh!

    Have a purrrfect weekend

  10. Very fun, Kathe. You cheered me. We lost an old cat this week. Pilgrim was a stray who adopted us in 1998. Good heavens, I miss that beautiful boy. ^.^

  11. One of my cats is prone to seasonal allergies. She also, needs a daily pill for a liver condition. Giving cats a pill is the WORST!!

  12. Great cartoon... so very true! It's amazing how mild mannered cats can turn into Tazmanian Devils when you try to give them a pill!


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