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Monday, May 11, 2009

A Memorable Day in Teotitlan de Valle

Today we had an extraordinary and wonderful day.
A few days ago we went
Into the Galeria La Mano Magica to look at the beautiful art -
especially the tapestries woven by
Master Zapotec Weaver Arnulfo Mendoza.
These are not rugs for the floor, but tapestries for the walls.
We met Arnulfo and he invited us to come to his house this past Sunday
on Mothers Day. What a magical day. To be welcomed into his home
and his mothers home. We were picked up by his brother Tomas and
we first went to meet his mother and all the family that were there. Then
we went up to the top of the hill above Teotitlan where he has his house.
Amazing space - large areas of verandahs for sitting and relaxing. He
even has horses. Then we went back down to his mothers house for
a Zapotec breakfast. First a variety of fruit filled jellos, then orange juice, cocoa,
And a hot drink called Atole that is made from corn.
After that Tomas took us to Tlacolula. A village famous for it’s Sunday market.
We spent a few hours there and then returned to Teotitlan where we walked
around the village with Arnulfo. The church is quite beautiful and was finished in 1717.
We returned to his mother’s house where we ate again! This time we had the
special Yellow Chicken Mole made especially for Mother’s Day.
Now we are really stuffed! We are like rellenos!

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