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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 9-Cooking class

Today after our wonderful breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt ,orange juice ,
coffee and mango omelets - we went up the street just a few blocks to
Pilar’s Cooking School “La Casa de los Sabores”. What a absolute treat
for us. There was only one other student, Lucy from NYC, and we all got
along like peas in a pod. First off we went to the little market not too far
away and purchased all the items we would need.

Our menu today was:
Squash Blossoms filled with Requeson Cheese
Salsa Verde - smoky tomatillo sauce
Tortilla Soup seasoned with Avocado leaves
Poblano chilies filled with chicken in a nut sauce
and Coconut Flan
I will be happy to share all the recipes once we get back!
Pilar was a great teacher and we all had a good experience making all the
dishes together. After we were done cooking-we sat down and had a delicious meal!

Our beautifully set table for the feast

Russell and Kathe showing off their stuffed squash blossoms

Making Tortilla Soup

Ingredients for Tortilla Soup

Roasting tomatoes, tomatillos, chilis, garlic and onion

for the Tortilla soup and Green salsa

Smash those tomatillos for the salsa

Roasting Poblano peppers

for the Chili Rellenos

Finished Chili Rellenos with Nut sauce

Ingredients for Coconut Flan

Swirling carmelized sugar in pan for flan

Ahhhhhhhhh....so good!

Some folks don't sit down to a lunch like ours....

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  1. Kathe and Russell,
    I'm enjoying reading all of your blogs from this trip. Looks like good food and good experiences!



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