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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Day Five- Ocotlan !!!

Today we hired a car and guide to take us to Ocotlan about a 30-45 minute
Drive from Oaxaca. It isn’t cheap to travel this way, but we found the guide
Eduardo to be priceless the last time we were here.
We learn so much more with him.
Our main goal today was to find the three Aguilar Sisters who create beautiful
clay sculptures. When we were here last time we took the public bus and then
had a hard time finding their houses. We did find them after we asked a lot
of people where they lived. However, their houses were shut and no one was home.
and it was very frustrating! Today they were home and
we did find and buy some gorgeous work. We’ll be
hand carrying them home!

Guillermina Aguilar one of the sisters.
We bought 4 of her pieces.
The photo below is a series of Caterina sculptures.
Caterina is associated with Day of the Dead

After that we went to the market-what a visual and olfactory treat. All the different
chilies fill the air with different spicy smells. There are dried bunches of spices,
and artistically displayed fruits and vegetables to entice the buyer.
Russell bought a clay bowl that has deep ridges in it to use in conjunction with a pestle.
We also bought the fresh fruit called Tuna that is the fruit of a cactus. We gave it to
our B and B hostess Aurora to use in the breakfast fruit plates.
We had a great day-full of new experiences and happy purchases.

Frieda Khalo of the Market

Turkeys for sale

Gorgeous fresh fruit...this market was very clean

Fresh veggies

The locals here can buy meat and then BBQ it on site

Thinly sliced meats.........

Photograph below is the Santo Domingo Cathedral
reconstructed with funds from the famous artist
Rudolfo Morales

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