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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 10- a trip to Zaachila and lunch at La Capilla

Today we went to Zaachila with Arnulfo. He showed us the ancient
tombs of the Zapotec royalty. We were able to go down into two
of them. Afterwards we walked the village and then went to La Capilla
for a tasty lunch. We met Ivonne Kennedy and her husband Hector.
She is a painter and has exhibited in Portland and Hector is
a biologist working on a project not to far from here to protect a type
of parrot that is endangered . His project is 2 1/2 hours from here
up in the mountains above Teotitlan de Valle.
Really interesting and nice people. Another great day.

Zaachila's Market

Frieze outside entrance to tomb
Interior of tomb-niches were for gifts for the dead

Flying God

Another God or image of dead King

View from the top of the hill where the tombs are

Town church

Kathe and Arnulfo walking up towards the tombs

Statue of the Feather Dancer

Frog in the pond at La Capilla Restaurant

Tortilla maker

Huge tortilla oven

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