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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 12- a walk to San Felipe de Agua

Today since it wasn’t too hot we decided to take a walk up
to the little town of San Felipe del Agua.
It’s north of Oaxaca and about a 5 mile walk. Not arduous,
just a nice walk. We walked up past the remnants of the old
aqueduct up to the highway. After crossing the highway we
just followed the signs to the town.
We stopped partway up at a children’s library. It was very
quiet and peaceful. The grounds outside were landscaped
with different colors of dirt-very subtle and very pleasing.
There were also some paper mache sculptures of imaginary
animals-a quasi sculpture garden that only works where there
isn‘t too much rain.
After getting up to San Felipe we had a nice little lunch at
the Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles. Tasty bites and some cervesa.
We took the bus back down to Oaxaca for 9 pesos total
-such a deal!
Once back in downtown Oaxaca we went to the market and spent
an hour searching for and finding a comal and some “piedra de cal”.
A comal is a metal rimmed cooking plate for roasting vegetables
for salsas and other Mexican dishes. Piedra de cal is limestone used
in making tortillas. It took us an hour to actually find the correct
places for these two items. Part of the problem was my lame
Spanish and part of the problem was our not knowing exactly where
these items were sold. It’s an adventure to shop.

Another beautiful breakfast

Paper mache sculpture outside the library

Looks like this is from "Where the Wild Things Are"

Cactus growing up wall

Water feature that works with rain

Handyman's delight for sale

There I am walking up to San Felipe

My Ensalada Exotica
Grapefruit with avacado and roasted almonds

Russell's 3 beef tacos with avacado, tomatoes
and queso fresco

Lunch al fresco at the
Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles

Looking towards the back of the hotel

On the bus-
I have attached a video link to this blog
of our bus ride

An unusaully equipped motorcycle

On Friday's the Zocolo is packed with vendors
who come from all over the region

Reflection shot of window filled corn husks
and Zocolo activity

Rare flora and fauna in the Zocolo

video of bus ride

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