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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Wordless Wednesday and Our Return Home September 15, 2021

 The Parowan Gap

Russell and I set out early Monday for Salt Lake City on our three day return drive knowing we would do a bit of exploring on the way! 

Our first stop was the Parowan Gap- a site full of petroglyphs! We spent a few hours there - I had never seen petroglyphs before and was fascinated by these ancient drawings on stone. If you click on the images they will be easier to see.

Final photo- this gives you the idea of how huge these cliffs are. 
Before we drove away I took this photo as a comparison to ancient petroglyphs and today's ? petroglyphs!!

And I also took this photo of the sunflowers we have been seeing all along our drives through Utah.

Our next stop before Salt Lake City was the historic Cove Fort.
We spent quite some time exploring this fascinating restored site. Cove Fort is a fort, unincorporated community, and historical site located in Millard County, Utah. It was founded in 1867 by Ira Hinckley at the request of Brigham Young. Here are a few photos:

Russell standing by the original cabin

Here's the restored fort. 
The flag was at half mast.
  Utah Gov. Spencer J. Cox had ordered the flags of the United States of America and the great state of Utah to be flown at half-staff at all state facilities from sunset, August 26, 2021, until sunset on August 30, 2021, in honor of the U.S. service members and other victims killed in the terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

The community vegetable garden.

Russell reading the historic information plaque. There was a lot to see and learn about at the site. Really glad we stopped here.

We finally arrived back in Salt Lake City! 
And the next morning found us legally speeding!

Holy smokes - what was interesting is that driving these speeds actually improved our gas mileage. Instead of the usual 28 mpg we were getting 35 mpg! 

Now driving through Idaho and the speed limits are the same.

Ahhhh finally we have reached the Columbia River! Our friends in Baker City Oregon will be happy to see us!
We had a great time on our 9 day drive- but it is always good to be home and cuddle with our Lucy! 

Have a great Wordless Wednesday!
Thanks Sandee!


  1. Oh how fun. I would have enjoyed exploring as you did. As getting home to Miss Lucy is the very best.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Love and hugs all around. ♥

  2. OMCs that was the mother of all wonderful road trips. What amazing places and scenery. Nice flat roads for the 80mph
    Modern petroglyphs what a great description for our road signs
    Hugs to you 2 and Lucy

  3. A very interesting trip. I learn about petroglyphs. I did not know the word. The spaces are spectacular and savage.
    Also it's new for me the sunflowers on such branches. I like a lot the image. I wonder how they survey for the speed in such places...
    A very interesting post. Thank you and Happy WW!

    The table for WW from Zina is on my blog, for a period of time.

  4. So many interesting things to see out there!

  5. I bet Lucy missed you.
    That was good they were flying the flags at half mast.

  6. Great photos. I have never seen petroglyphs before. U bet Lucy is very happy that you are home. XO

  7. I love to explore historic sites. I've only seen petroglyphs "in person" once, in Ontario, Canada. It makes you wonder what their meaning was to those who drew them. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  8. Terrific shots! There is so much interesting history around us! I particularly LOVE the petroglyphs! THanks so very much for sharing your adventure.

  9. What a great trip!

  10. Kathe,

    WOW, what a trip! I know that feeling when you get home after an extended stay elsewhere. It's nice, huh? I enjoyed your pictures. It's nice taking a vacation chair-side. :) I didn't know the speed limit in some parts of the country is 80. I think the fastest I've seen around here is 70 but maybe I'm remembering wrong. I'll have to ask DH. Have a great day!

  11. Great photos from your drive tour. I like the little cabin and beautiful sunflowers. Home is still the best.

  12. Oh what a great adventure you had ~ great photos ~ love the petroglyphs and sweet Lucy ~ Home is the best ~ Xo

    Living in the Moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)


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