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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Six Words and Sunday Shadows August 22-23, 2015

Creating a quilt is a process.....

Selection of fabric colors....
Sewing many strips together....

Arranging the squares into a pleasing design....
Finally it's all constructed....
( the outer material is the backing )
Close up below.

And off to the quilter it goes! Yay!
While I was at the quilters I picked up
the other quilt I made 3 weeks ago.
Now I just have to sew on the binding.
I love making these baby quilts!
Have a great weekend and be sure to visit


  1. The little birdies one is beautiful! I can't even sew a straight line with a machine, Kathe.

  2. Beautiful. I once tuned in to a TV program where a lady was making a quilt. It seemed awfully complicated. Easier to shoot a man into space.

  3. Lots of nice lines, even the impermanent shadow ones.

  4. I love making baby quilts,so quick and satisfying!! These are just beautiful Kathe!!!

  5. Wow! Beautiful! My hat is off to anyone who can do this.

  6. Wonderful colors in that first quilt.

  7. Lucky recipients! Those are just lovely!

  8. Beautiful creations - love the birds and the geometric patterns in the first one!
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  9. Very nice, luv the strips made into squares. Thanks for dropping by my blog Kathe

    Much love...

  10. Absolutely gorgeous, and like Jo I am especially appreciative as my sewing skills are non-existent.

  11. A fascinating process. :-)

  12. Beautiful and colorful.

  13. The light seeping through the blinds makes fantastic shadows!

    Alley Shadows

  14. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Love the color combination of the blue green quilt!

  15. you know how to work the colors. Beautiful work :)


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