"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." ~George Bernard Shaw

"Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time." ~Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Friday, August 21, 2015

Time for Feline Friday! August 21, 2015

Well, we all know that Steve of BFDude
started Feline Friday because he wanted
to prove to us that he truly loves cats....
Maybe he went through this experiment?

Have a purrfectly great day!


  1. Me I love cats,but when we sent Harvey to the rainbow bridge we said he was the last one.

  2. Those kittens were so cute and looks like a couple of the humans were converted heheh!

    Have tanfabulous weekend :-)

  3. I got here early today, but I've got to tell you how much I love this. Cats have had such a bad reputation and it's not deserved. They're very loving creatures in their own right. I love puppies and I love kittens. Well, I love the reptiles as well, but that's another story ;)

  4. Kittens can warm even the coldest heart, as is evidenced by this video.

  5. I think people who like cats have never really been around cats since how could they possibly not fall in love with them! Clearly, those kittens converted some of those people and we're sure more people would love kitties if they just gave them a chance.

  6. How could anyone not like kittens. But I guess there are people that just need to have a good experience with a cat or cats. You all have a super week end.

  7. Some people are simply afraid of them, and it's sad.

  8. How can you not love cats? I don't know either.

    Have a purrfect day Miss Lucy. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥♥♥


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