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Friday, April 11, 2014

A-Z 2014 Challenge K is for Kilo!

Kilo = Kilo
There are very few words in Spanish that
begin with a K that need translation. 
My Spanish dictionary only has 33 words
that begin with a K and most of them
 are from the English language.
 A kilo is 2.2 pounds.
Thank goodness my bathroom scale
 is in pounds not kilos! 
I had a few pounds to lose after our lazy days
in Mexico eating and drinking with abandon!

Facing the truth after a vacation
April 10, 2014

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Sunday Visitor said...

I agree Spanish has few words from K.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I wouldn't want to see those numbers in kilos.
Hey, if you can't indulge while on vacation, when can you do it?

Robin said...

I could be wrong, but from what I can remember of Spanish... there aren't many words that use "K" anywhere. They use "C" a lot. Maybe it has made "K" irrelevant to them...

Sandee said...

You sure didn't weigh much after vacation. You're very thin if you ask me.

Have a fabulous day honey. :)

messymimi said...

At least you realized and stopped at a few, is how i think of it when i'm in that situation. And i agree, if i'm reading the scale correctly, you can't have much to lose after vacations.

Karen S. said...

Oops! It is fun to getaway!

Stephen Hayes said...

The last time I used the word "kilo" was in my college days. I won't mention in what context.

achieve1dream said...

I never knew that about K words in Spanish. Too cool!

Lydia said...

Kilo is not a word I hear very often. Interesting facts.
Wow, friend, you sure have pretty feet and your toenails are wearing the most spectacular color! :)

Rajlakshmi said...

that's the only K word I am afraid of... the increasing kilo.

AJ Lauer said...

Haha I guess if we used kilos we'd maybe adjust to seeing the higher number? Interesting about the K words! I wouldn't have thought about that...
Thanks for stopping by this week,
AJ @ Naturally Sweet
An A-Z Co-host blog
Tweet me! @ayjaylauer

Romi C said...

Thank you for your kind comments in my blog.
I find your A-to-Z theme very interesting, because I studied a little Spanish when I was a student.
In Japan, where I live, we use the metric system, and I prefer kilos to pounds.
For example, someone who weighs 50kilograms would be shocked to know that her weight is "110" in pounds!
Having said so, losing one pound would be almost twice as easy as losing one kilo. :-)
I am looking forward to coming back to read more.