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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Magpie Tales 162 - and Awww Mondays

Between Heaven and Hell, 1989 by Jacek Yerka 

Ode to Larry
I could cook in this kitchen all day long
All day long while chopping and stirring
Chopping and stirring while singing a song
While singing a song to my dear old cat
My dear old cat Larry who warmly sleeps
Who warmly sleeps at the drop of a hat
At the drop of a hat he wakes and leaps
Wakes and leaps as I fill his bowl
I fill his bowl with some tasty leftovers
Tasty leftovers for his dear sweet soul.

Larry was a huge 16 pound, in his prime, orange tabby cat
Always faithful always true. He had a huge lion mane and fluffy tail
Larry was short for Larrysauresrex.....or Lawrence the Lion.
He lived 20 years and I still miss him.
Thanks and a tip of Larry's tail to Tess Kincaid 
for Magpie Tales and this lovely inspiring image.
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  1. Nice to have the cat for company!

  2. Loved the repetition in this. Nice one.

  3. Here's to your feline friend named Larry,
    Who's lively and funny and really quite hairy.
    Happy Easter!

  4. No one keeps you company in the kitchen like a cat!

  5. This sounds amazing read aloud! Got a few smiles from the family as I was doing it........and I didn't pretend it was mine - was tempted - but didn't......LoL

  6. What a song! yup good tune-thanks!

  7. A catchy little post. I thought it could well be another new form! Nicely!


  8. Larry is a great name for a cat!! Meow .............

  9. A neat chain poem with a great bouncy rhythm. BTW your link on The Mag doesn't work.

  10. They are a joy, these furry critters who choose to live with us and love us. Congrats on the H C Buns. We bought ours... just OK. X

  11. Here's to the beloved Larry...and he was lucky to have you too! Love the ditty...for the kitty!

  12. Oh, I loved your poem to your dear Larry. My favorite cat was an orange-and-white fluffy boy who only lived 15 years. I'm so glad you memorialized Larry with this charming work.

  13. I feel your pain. I shared my life with a sweet darling dog for 12 years. I had to hand her over to friends when life took me in a different direction. She died two years later. That was nine years ago, and I still miss her, and sometimes dream of her.
    My thoughts are with you.
    Thanks for a poignantly beautiful post.

  14. In my eyes they definitely have a soul , thanks , Kathe for your warm writing

  15. Lovely tribute!

  16. I fixed your link on Awww Mondays. Not a problem. I've messed them up a million times too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  17. Larry...perfect name for a cat...

  18. Great job on this one...It was fun to read.

    And a nice nod to the cat that meant so much to you, too.



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