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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Russell's Burn Pile January 2, 2018

2018 Photo Project
Photo #2
Russell's Manzanita burn pile.
We have 10.5 acres and there is a lot
of Manzanita that needs to be thinned
since it can be a fire hazard.
Russell has thinned quite a bit and now we are just
 waiting for a permissible burn day.
Since we have been fogged in for about a week
the poor air quality does not allow us to burn.
Meanwhile Russell keeps cutting it back and
making more burn piles.
Here's a close-up photo of one of those burn piles.

2018 Photo Project
Photo #2.2



  1. This is a must if you're living where you are. Hard work too.

    Have a fabulous day, Kathe. Big hug to you and Russell and tons of scritches to Miss Lucy. ♥♥♥

  2. I impressive burn pile. My hubby has one every year that he tries to burn in January, weather permitting.

  3. That's a lot of work to maintain those acres. Hope you get to burn it all off soon.

  4. I bet everyone will be happy when you can burn those piles.


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