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Friday, August 30, 2013

It's Feline Friday! August 30, 2013

Best Friends Forever!
Steve of Burnt Food Dude started Feline Friday
to convince us he loves cats! Thanks Steve!
To see more or to add your Feline Friday
 click on the link below! 
Have a fun and enjoy your day! 


  1. That is too cute for words.

  2. Spooning kitties! Cats have it right when it comes to cuddling and sticking together. We could all learn from that! I love this pic! :-)

  3. Aww! feline spooning LOL

    Have a spoontastic weekend ;-)

  4. Awww, indeed. That's a great shot of best friends.

    Have a fabulous Feline Friday. Big hugs. ☺

  5. I have a pair of brothers that cuddle like this ... they would be lost without each other. Don't you just love it?

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. You picked a good one! Happy Feline Friday!

  7. Kitty cuddles and more!

  8. Anonymous2:12 PM

    This is so sweet.Chloe Jo is a cuddler, but Grizelda is not, so Chloe Jo ends up with Maggie, us, or poor Stella.

  9. That is seriously cute!

  10. AAAWWWW...that is just too cute. Who knew kitties liked to spoon?


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