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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Wordless Wednesday October 14, 2020

Thanks to Colossal I am sharing this fun video!

Who Dat

 The swaggering pigeon in Emmit Fenn’s new music video might upend the notion that peacocks are the proudest avians. Animated and directed by Patrick Jean, “Who Dat” opens on a quiet street corner before zooming in on the lone bird. As the bass drops, the pigeon begins a subtle strut down the street while it grooves to the beat. Soon, the bird reveals in its dancing skills after a shake of its tail feather. To see more of the Los Angeles-based director’s humorous animations, head to Vimeo.

Have a super duper Wordless Wednesday!



  1. That is a cute video of a dancing pigeon.

  2. Wow! How cute is the pigeon dance!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Happy WW, Kathe!

  3. That was so good! He was really strutting his stuff.

  4. That bird has some serious moves. Great video.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Big hug to you both and lots of scritches to Miss Lucy. ♥♥♥

  5. That's too funny, that bird has the moves fur sure and the music was purrfect!

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  8. LOL That was brilliant although I am jealous cos I can't dance like that heheh!

    Have a hiphoptastic safe week 😷😷😷

  9. LOL! That pigeon really rocks! Love the video!

    Happy Thursdsay!


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