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Thursday, August 24, 2017

More Baby Quilts! August 24, 2017

Between both our families there will be
four more babies ....so I have been busy sewing
up a storm.  To me it's painting with fabric! 

Lots of girls are expected! Only one boy in the works.
Plus one 6 year old who never got one of my quilts before...
This one goes to Austin Texas.

Below is the "Big Boy Quilt"
Mailing off to Colorado today!

Another baby girl quilt....
Eventually will be mailed to Colorado.

This is my favorite quilt....it reminds me
of a board game! Perhaps I should make up a simple
game for it with small stuffed animals as 
the tokens to use playing the game? But then I would also have to make large cloth dice! Hmmmm?  

Yet another baby girl quilt!
This one will be going to England.

All my baby quilts have a pocket on the back
for the baby's name and birth date etc.
Plus a personal message. And the baby has
a pocket for some little toy or rattle.  

News alert- just found out another boy will be arriving! 
So I still have one  more quilt to make...yay!
Have a great day whatever you are doing!


  1. One more lovely than the next...lucky babies

  2. What sweet treasures for the babies! You are vey talented.

  3. Your quilts are wonderful works of art.


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