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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brooklyn New York Naval Yard Hospital

During WWII my dad was stationed at the Brooklyn Naval Yard.
This is a photo that I found while noodling around the internet.
I had always been curious as to what it looked like
as I had been born there. After the war we moved to California
and I was told that all the buildings had been torn down. Not true.
 Here's the link where I found this photo plus a lot more photos and information.
It's nice to know that there are plans to restore  some of these old buildings.
Next time we go back east we'll have to go see for ourselves!


  1. This place looks promising for conversion into a hotel.

  2. I love to run across things that have impacted my past in some way...especially things and places that I can't consciously remember.
    Why are they being restored? Is is still part of a Navy Yard?

  3. It is nice to know the place you were born is still there.

    Sweetie was born at Keesler Field AFB, and the old hospital there has been gone a long time.

    The old Charity Hospital in NOLA where i was born got Katrina'ed, so to speak.

  4. Stephen- I believe they are planning part of the resoration to be a museum and art gallery....not sure about the hotel part!
    Thanks Cheryl and Mimi for your nice comments- not sure if it's still part of the Navy- don't think so. It's a historic site for a lot of reasons- one of which is it the hospital was used for Civil War wounded. It's been around for quite awhile.

  5. Good to know that The building is to restored. I have a problem when historical buildings and buildings of significance are bull dozed.


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