"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." ~George Bernard Shaw

"Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time." ~Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Magpie #128 Woof


Sit stay
Oh no-
Can't we play?
Bad dog!
Look at my shoe-
Hey-it was just a little chew
Come on now
Let's go for a walk
Oh yes yes yes wag wag wag
I won't chew and you can talk
Come on now-
Let's get up
I shouldn't get mad-
You're just a pup. 
I think dogs are so loving and forgiving.
We are lucky to have them in our lives; 
as they can teach us a lot if we let them.
The image by Zelko Nedic was provided by Tess Kincaid
who created MagpieTales. As she so aptly wrote:
This blog is dedicated to the enjoyment of poets and writers,
for the purpose of honing their craft,
sharing it with like-minded bloggers,
and keeping their muses alive and well.
Thank you Tess! 
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  1. Yes they can ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  2. I love dogs, too. We can learn so much from them.

  3. Cute. I like the way you combined the thoughts of dog and man.

  4. I can't even imagine life without dogs!

  5. If only we could be the person they think we are........ :)

    Sweet write......I love big dogs........

  6. ha...it has a bit of the manic energy that a dog can have when it wants to go out...to play...and i guess that can transfer to the owner as well...smiles.

  7. You are right - dogs are so trusting and sometimes we badly let them down.

    Anna :o]

  8. Dogs are loving and forgiving and there's a reason why they are known as man's best friend. Love your take.

  9. I have a black dog who always looking for a walk or a treat. I enjoyed your poem, Kathe. Thank you for sharing. Your words about Tess are so true. She is awesome! =D

  10. I have a black dog who always looking for a walk or a treat. I enjoyed your poem, Kathe. Thank you for sharing. Your words about Tess are so true. She is awesome! =D

  11. I've got a puppy and this captures her thoughts well! Very cute poem.

  12. Yes, nice and loving poem.

  13. I cannot imagine being without my little yorkie. Yes, they can teach us so much about unconditional love can't they. :)
    Really enjoyed this.

  14. Sometimes there is no better companion than a dog.

  15. Mostly most lovely creatures. A bonus in our lives.

  16. You were obviously a dog in a past life!

  17. Nice poem. I'd hate living in a world without dogs.

  18. I miss our English Springer, Chloe. We lost her when she was eleven ... you are so right about our canine friends.

  19. Wonderful sentiment..who has a better nature than a dog? Love this!!

  20. It's a dogs life, eh?

  21. Of course spare the pup, kick the boot! :)

  22. We never forget our dogs. Nice poem!

  23. I miss my two big ol' yellow labs...

  24. Beautiful read! It's true - dogs are so loving and dutiful, loads of professions rely on doggie help for their jobs to run smoothly.

    ps Kathe.......I just did the 'flower' test and ended up a 'Echinacea'. A rather droopy, tired, bedraggled looking thing! Boy are these things accurate....LoL

  25. That was fun, loving and true.

  26. It is fun to teach dogs tricks, but I have always learned more from my dogs than I have taught them.

    Excellent Mag.

  27. i am lucky to have Leonardo, our golden retriever... he always show me the way in the forest. who needs GPS in that way... love this!



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