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"Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time." ~Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Magpie #117 Memories of my Mother

Tribute to Helen Elizabeth Hauss Worsley
 My Mother died 26 years ago this October 15th.
I've never stopped missing her nor appreciating the lessons she taught me.
One of my fondest and strongest memory of her was when we all went
cabin camping up at Olallie Lake at the base of Mt Jefferson in Oregon.
She was already ill, but was a good sport and came with us. 
Our cabins were rustic and without electricity or running water but
they did have wood stoves to cook on.
So all one afternoon my mother and my brother Paul tended the fire
and made sure our dinner of scalloped potatoes and baked salmon
was cooked to perfection. It was a wonderful meal and is a delicious memory.
My mother gracefully made things look easy and effortless.
We always referred to that meal in the woods as Mothers' Loaves and Fishes dinner.
Happy Mothers Day to all !


  1. Your memory of that camping trip is priceless. Tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of my mother's death ... memories come flooding back so often, especially now.

  2. happy mothers day to you as well....and i am glad you have those good memories...my MIL passed away a few years back and its a hard day for my wife...

  3. So sweet. Thanks for sharing your memories of your mother. Happy Mother's Day!

  4. A moving narration and such a beautiful tribute, Kathe! It's just amazing that an episode many years ago is remembered the way it is! Nice write Ma'am!


  5. What a lovely line, Mothers' loaves and Fishes Dinner, it's a lovely tribute. Your mother is beautiful, as is your last photo! Amazing view, thanks!

  6. What a wonderful memory for you to treasure forever.

  7. Nice memory to remember always

  8. Thanks from me too Kathy, such a powerful memory.

  9. There is so much to share here..a real blessing.. your Mom, so lovely..

  10. Yeah, we still miss our moms. She was very lovely.

  11. As much as I miss my Mom, I know she loved me and nurtured me, while she was able. That is sustaining. Your mother too, so giving of herself, even through illness. Your story of loaves and fishes, encourages nurturing love and the sharing of it. Thank you Kathe. I hope you enjoyed yesterday. =D

  12. What a lovely memory. Our family memories are seriously centred around food. My dad is the one who is gone, but I think of him often when I cook.

    Thanks for sharing - the scalloped potatoes and salmon sounded heavenly. I think it's nice to have tangible memories of people through food.

  13. Beautiful and touching tribute...

  14. A precious memory. Thanks for sharing it.


  15. I'm late arriving, but glad I did. Your mother was certainly a lovely woman and what a neat story. You've made me realize (once more) that I need to treasure every moment I have with mother.


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