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Monday, May 09, 2011

Off with their heads!

Unlike St. Francis of Assisi there are few saints in government.
Our city is being run by the mayor as if it his personal fiefdom
and we are only tolerated because he can pick our pockets
when he needs some spare cash for frivolous and expensive
legacy making projects.
The final straw for me was last weeks attempt to bring a lot
of our beloved Luscher Farm into the Urban Growth Boundary
opening up all that gorgeous farm land for more development.
It's all about the money, instead of leaving green open
spaces alone. It's not about restoration of wildlife habitats
or bringing back Oak savannahs. Oh no- it's all about
more ballfields,indoor tennis courts and community centers
that the majority who live here do not want, nor can afford.
What we do want is some land preserved for the generations
that will follow us. My mother always told me to choose
my battles....well- this is my battle.
Thanks for giving me this opportunity to rant!
Below are my comments given to City Council last Tuesday night:

"I would like to comment on this last minute item on the agenda item #8.3:
Bringing a lot of Luscher Farm into the UGB.
I am against bringing large portions of Luscher Farm
into the UGB because it runs contrary to what the majority
of citizens want: We want it left agricultural and rural.
This is an enormous change and we the people
should have a say in this change-like a vote please.
Here we are in the middle of the Luscher Farm Master Plan
process complete with public participation and input.
What the heck? Where’s the public input and participation
in this process? What’s the rush? This is beyond offensive.
We love our farm- our emerald gem of a farm.
We love the healthy lifestyle it generates for all ages.
We want it to be preserved for our children’s future.
We don’t want a tacky tourist destination
or sappy wedding destination. It’s a farm!
Go use Foothills Park and Millenium Park for your revenue generation.
Luscher farm is our outdoor space, our living room,
our schoolroom, and our place of peace and tranquility-
it isn’t parking spaces and traffic. Leave Luscher farm alone.

photo by Kathe Worsley
Above photo is of recent damage to property adjacent
to Luscher Farm. The city ignored Fish and Wildlife's
Best Management Practices by bulldozing wildlife
habitat before June 15th and using heavy equipment
through wetlands and stream beds.

photo by Kathe Worsley

This photo is of the damage done to an old tree
by backing a bulldozer into it. Nice work by
non-supervised contract workers.
( I am being sarcastic )
for more info go here: http://lostewards.org/

photo of St Francis thanks to

Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales http://magpietales.blogspot.com/


  1. Good for you! We the people should always have a say. Money talks, so do people.

  2. ugh...progress kills...

    glad you spoke out in this little bit of social commentary...

  3. Yes, its all about the system which brings the money; and as soon as a system becomes more important than people, it is wrong.

  4. Voices make a difference. I hope for the best.

    Yeah, it sickens me to see the devastation as more crap is being built.

  5. A voice of reality and compassion..wonderful that you speak up!

  6. St. Francis would applaud you!!

  7. Good for you having your say.
    We are at the other side of this kind of behaviour in Ireland.
    After the property boom, there is chaos and no money left for all the important things.

  8. words of wisdom,
    well done magpie.

  9. Anonymous9:50 AM

    I enjoyed the picture :)
    I sure hope they do not take away the trees :( Good luck witht he fight! :)

    Here is my potluck: http://lynnaima.wordpress.com/2011/05/10/where-i-belong/

  10. There's a UK saying . "Here's strength to your elbow!"

  11. Wonderful way to put St. Francis to work in our modern age. Bravo for your creativity, righteous indignation and activism.

  12. I applaud your activism. I know this has been an ongoing problem for a long time and is happening in other places in Oregon as well. We are having similar problems here in Walla Walla and SE Washington only there is no growth plan to speak of and the results are painfully obvious. Our local port authority, before the housing tumble, bought a large farm with water rights and then tried to sell the water rights to one of the developers of the mishmash in Bend who wanted to build tourist destination just outside of town. Being quiet gets you nothing, although in this case I think we just managed to hold them off long enough to make it unprofitable. I think that if there is a recovery we will have to do it all over again. I wish you strength and all success.

  13. Thanks everyone for all your kind, gracious and encouraging comments...we will persevere!

  14. Anonymous11:39 AM

    It's funny how government contractors continually 'accidentally' ruin trees and open spaces. They then have a reason to 'put it right', usually making a pile of money on the side.

    You've just got to love the 'representative of the people' in their job description. They adhere to it so strictly.

  15. It's the same bloody thing everywhere. Profit always wins, no contest.

    The trouble with politicians is that they're only in office for a short time and they only think for the short term.

    They need dumping on from a great height. Go get 'em, Kathe.

  16. amazing tale.

    check out short story slam and welcome your submission.

    you rock everywhere.

  17. Dear Kathe: This is not right! You need to bring out the "big un's" the Conservatory Groups (John Muir etc) David Suzuki Foundation, etc that may be able to preserve your fine farmland area. We had this happen in a place where I lived and we mentioned in a City Hall meeting about the rare birds (Warblers) that nested in that partiuclar area only. Finding some ancient ancestoral bones helps to delay or totally stop development. ps fighting city hall is not easy, you need to get in touch with worldwide conservatory agencies! Good luck; tell us how it goes? Long process...

  18. Provocative, necessary spirit to this. Keep up the good agitation.


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