"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." ~George Bernard Shaw

"Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time." ~Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Segue from Magpie #35

After posting my "Leaf Ride" poem for this past weeks
Magpie Tales, Stafford Ray made a comment on my blog:
"First we rode in a side box on the old Indian, then we had a three ton truck and kids rode in the back, no sides or anything to hold us in, then we had a car and all sat inside. Then we had seat belts in front and no babies allowed to ride on laps, then no arms outside windows, then everyone had to have a seat belt, then no phones in the car. Why not make them completely safe and ban people from using cars at all... except for leaf rides!"
Well- that triggered another poem. Which I then sent to
Stafford and he replied with his version. I like his better
than mine, and he says he likes mine better.
So- here are both for all of you to enjoy!
Kathe's version:

First the covered wagon
Children running alongside
Then the Model T
Kids bouncing loosely inside
Now we're all buckled in
With no laps to sit on
Children watching DVD's
Instead of life flying by
All I can say is-
"Good grief why?"

Stafford Ray's version:

Before 999.

First the lumb’ring Conestoga
Took us where we had to go. A
Few years on, a bouncy ride
In Model T, thrown ‘round inside.
Now with belts and bags and laws
No kids on laps, and child proof doors
It seems the fail-safe life we lead
Is fool-proof, holeproof, guaranteed
Strapped in children, eyes transfixed
On DVD’s, adventure missed
So much of life goes flying by.
And I just wonder: “Good grief, why.


and don't forget to go to Willow's blogsite Magpie Tales...she started it all!



  1. "Good grief, why?" indeed. Progress is so not progress in many cases. Liked your original Mag as well - very fun post...

  2. love the idea of poets pinging off of each other. thanks for sharing


  3. You've captured my observations about car rides -- I hate that my kids look at their silly games and not out the window (or at maps as I did).

  4. what a lovely thing to do Kathe!

  5. Two for the price of one can't be bad, even if they came from two heads!

  6. Jinksy-two heads are better than one!
    And Stafford- I loved putting up both our poems!

  7. So much for "progress." I like them both... And I thank you both.

  8. You have health and safety people on your backs as well, do you?


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