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Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh Those Babies!

Gracie Marie Worsley
October 22, 2008
9# 5 oz
Now that's a baby!
She looks a lot like her Daddy!

Earlier this summer I visited my brother Paul

in Berthoud Colorado. While I was there one of

his three sons, Evan, came up from Scottsdale AZ

so we could all get together. I also met his girlfriend Fawn.

Their baby was born on October 22, 2008 at 11:50pm

weighing in at 9 ! pounds 5 oz Mama mia that's a lot of baby!

Welcome baby girl Gracie Marie Worsley

and here's some photos of the quilt I sent on to her.

I am looking forward to meeting her next summer

when I make it out to Colorado again..............

Close up of pocket with birth info-I like
adding a pocket to the back
rather than just a label.

The quilt below is for Chantal and Berry's little boy
who is due the end of December. I cannot
mail it until he's born because I want to add
his name and birthdate on the pocket.
He will be joining his big sister Mauri
who is 2 years old now!Here's an old photo
of Mauri when we visited her and her family
in Zaltbommel September 2006

Blank pocket for the moment.....

Close up of the strip design I have fun with.

As a postscript ... .I missed attending brother Paul's

son Clay's wedding in September. He and his wife Tori

are expecting a boy in late February. So I am starting to pull

out fabric and imagining what colors and design I will use....

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