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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Six Word Saturday and Shadow Shot Sunday October 12-13,2013

Notes from our garden:

Summer is over....
vegetable garden sleeping....

Except for a few die hard flowers and 
the perennial herbs all the rest of the
garden has been put to bed. 
I have mulched with alfalfa hay, compost,
chicken manure and also scattered 
some cereal rye seeds to grow some "green manure".
I'll turn that over in early spring.  

Meanwhile Russell has finished our greenhouse!
He started in May and each month would spend a
bit more money adding to it. This month Russell put
the finishing touches of cedar siding, wood preservative,
paint, caulking and the piece de resistance was 
him finding a practically new storm door for only
$20 at a neighbors garage sale!! 
That was a great find as a new door  would have
 been $150 at the local building supply store.
Recycling at its best!

The greenhouse gets quite warm inside during the day.
Right now it gets up to 100F degrees at the highest
which means it will be a great place to grow winter
vegetables and start plants in the very early spring. 
Summer and fall it will be too warm. 
I figure it will also be a lovely place 
to sit and read in the winter....might even be a fun place 
for a pre-dinner party! I'll just have to keep a path
shoveled from the house to it.  

I spotted this Red Dragonfly on the garden fencing 
while cleaning up the garden for winter. 
It hung out with me for quite awhile.
Have a great weekend and to see more 
Six Words or Shadow Shots go to the links below! 


  1. Great Fall captures for the day and how wonderful to have the "hot house" and be able to grow veggies during the winter! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  2. I can't keep plants alive but I so admire people like you who can grow things.

  3. Wow, what a great garden. I love the greenhouse. I wouldn't even attempt a vegetable garden on my little lot as the rabbits would mow it down. Here in suburbia, there are all types of rules keeping me from any type of fencing to keep them out. All my perennial beds are ready to get cleaned up and mulched for the season. Here we are still having some 80 degree days so I am holding off just a bit longer before the mulching though.

  4. Summer went by way too quickly. It's a bit cold here in Benicia this morning. We are on our boat though and all is well.

    I love the greenhouse and getting that storm door for 20 bucks is a deal indeed.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. :)

  5. Yes, our garden except for a few herbs is done for the year. Alas, winter tomatoes, picked green, will be our source for some time now. Ah, but we have the memories of a fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella salads...your greenhouse looks great, seedlings of next year's crop can sprout this winter!

  6. What a great greenhouse, and that's quite the deer fence 'round the garden. Lovely fall scenes.

  7. That's a sharp looking greenhouse. And you are serious about your gardening.
    Don't think I've ever seen a red dragonfly.

  8. Anonymous1:12 PM

    That's a nice-looking greenhouse, Kathe (and useful as well :) )

  9. My six words -

    I am looking forward to fall!

  10. How lovely, to be able to grow things year 'round! Congratulations to your husband on finishing this project.

  11. I just love a good bargain, like your door. The green hours and garden look great!

  12. luv the red dragonfly

    much love...

  13. Love these pics Kathe. The garden may be going into hibernation but it will return beautifully next spring :)

  14. I love your greenhouse. Yes, that would be a great place to hang out in the winter.

  15. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Absolutely love the greenhouse


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