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Sunday, September 02, 2012

MagpieTales #133 Garden Spirits

Summer Night, 1913, by Albert Bloch

Sometimes I think there's trouble in my garden-
Not little Peter Wabbit or Sammy the Slug
Or even an enormous potato bug
Excuse me-I do beg your pardon
But something is chomping up my garden!
I've fenced with chcken wire
I've spritzed with soap
I even tried chili powder
With zero results!
I'm imagining a small Irish green elf
Who is chortling and laughing all to himself
You see he's the one who's the guilty party
He's inviting them all to come and eat hearty! 
He's lifting the wire 
Brushing off the powder 
He's hosing off  the soap
and thinks I'm a dope! 
Well, HAH I'll get even-just wait for winter 
He'll be pressing his nose to the icy window
Asking oh please do let me in I'm cold you know
So- I'll make a deal and listen to his wishes
He'll get dinner but will have to do the dishes!
I really don't know where this came from,
but if you want to read other's take on the image
go to Tess Kincaid's MagpieTales

Cheers, Chuckles and Happy Gardening!



  1. haha i like it changed to green...and that same spirit infects mine too....the deer are merciless...

  2. Garden spirits!!! The green tinge is perfect ++ your poem too.

  3. You've provided me with more reasons to not garden.

  4. I enjoyed your colourful flight of fancy today. :)

  5. I've been longing to get into gardening for a while and have been reading up on it. You're poem brings a more balanced diet to my readings. A little non-fiction and a little garden fiction. Perfect! I really liked your poem. :-)

  6. The best explanation for garden trouble i've ever heard! It will be such fun to make him wash up.

  7. Clever, cogent - and fun...

  8. That sounds fair to me! What a cheerful read to this lovely dreamy photo!

  9. This is wonderful, Kathe !! I just hope you aren't being coerced into a deal with the devil! Proceed with caution, is my advice. I really enjoyed this and I thank you so much for sharing! =D

  10. Wonderful and Witty , Kathe, i was right there with you at a cellular level, say hello to the little green man for me

  11. This could explain a lot. Something has been at my basil and funnily enough it's exactly the same colour as your picture!

  12. So it's wee fairy folk, I should have known.

  13. If only they realized there'd be more to eat if they did some weeding. Fun!

  14. tanks everyone for the nice comments and T I should have thoght of that! Weeding would have been a great idea!

  15. a green elf does the guilt,

    lovely plot, on magpie.

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Anonymous6:37 AM

    inviting and creative.
    love the ending.

  17. Thanks everyone for all your nice comments- look at what I found in my garden today....eeeew. I removed him!

  18. garden and beautiful,
    they are incredible beauty.


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