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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Magpie 80- Hop Harvest Memories

Red Umbrella, Christopher Shay

It truly was a dark and stormy night when the brew master
finally left the brew pub. It had been a long day of brewing
but finally the fresh hops deliverd by the Jones family
were safely tucked into what Patrick hoped
would be a prize winning beer.

The day had started out a wee bit misty,
typical of this part of the world, but it was a fine
soft mist and wouldn't interfere
with the small hop harvest scheduled.

There were three fine men helping and
one bystander full of beer with hop questions.
It only took perhaps an hour to cut down the
four varieties so necessary for this brew.

Patrick was content as he made his way home
whistling his favorite tune "The Orange and the Green"

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  1. Kathe, you nailed this one! Loved your Magpie ........... 'bystander full of beer with hop questions' ~ ha!

  2. Dear Snappy Repartee: A natural flow between the words and the pictures; a well-told and enjoyable tall tale of ale!

  3. I like how you combine these photos with your narrative to make an interesting Magpie.

  4. Oh, I really like this! Aren't the hop fields the most interesting-looking areas? I know some hop farmers here. Their work is hard, but I think truly satisfying. They seem to love it.

  5. Fine post. An enjoyable read. I didn't quite see the relevance to the prompt - not that it matters, the result's the thing.

  6. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Very nice, Kathe. I like how you tied in the prompt with your photos and narrative. :-)

  7. An not one mention of a red umbrella...

  8. Fun! Thank you.


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