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Monday, June 21, 2010

Energy and It's Visual Cost

This past weekend we drove over to Central and Eastern Oregon.
Every year we go to the BMW John Day Rally.
I love the drive going up the Columbia Gorge
and then over to John Day via Biggs Junction.
I love winding through this gorgeous part of the world
and until this year I have even enjoyed seeing the windmills.
Slightly reminiscent of surreal art they added an interesting
dimension to the landscape in their own quirky way.
However, this year I wasn't so entertained and was actually
rather taken aback at how many windmills now fill the sky
and cover the land. I am not so sure how
I feel about these windmills and this approach to
alternative energy sources. What do you think? Take a look:

Photo taken at Service Creek Restaurant near Fossil, Oregon.
No windmills here....

On highway 7 going from John Day, Oregon to Baker City, Oregon.
We drove over one day to visit friends while staying in John Day.
No windmills here.

Returning to Lake Oswego we drove back up highway 19 to Biggs Junction.
This is Cathedral Rock, part of the John Day Fossil Beds.

Still on Highway 19-lovely curvy road

OOPS.... Approaching Condon Oregon
the plethora of windmaills begins
I do understand the need for alternative energy
plus the boost to this areas economy.
However, I am dismayed by the visual blight.

And this is just the beginning of the hundreds we saw on our way home.

I'd rather see this panorama ...............

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  1. The same scenario has played out in southwestern Ontario. At first they were a novelty but now people are getting annoyed. It has changed the character of the countryside.


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