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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Updated skateboard pics

Russell's niece Jennifer is quite active in her
community of Dundee Oregon. She is heading
a fund raiser for a skateboard park.
Jennifer has recruited a lot of local artists and
residents to paint/decorate some skateboards
to auction off on May 7th .
Fortunately she asked us also-
we have had fun doing these!
Here's a link for more information:

Russell's completed board

close up of top

close up of bottom of skateboard-lots of Bartism's...hahah

Middle of skateboard

back of Russell's skateboard witha self portrait....

back of my skateboard
Front half of Kathe's skateboard

Back half of Kathe's skateboard
I took some of the lyrics from Jimi Hendrix's song Angel-
translated them into Italian (anything is possible with a PC)
On the back is the English translation and acknowledgments
to Jimi Hendrix and De Simone whose imagery inspired me.

Russell's skateboard-not quite done...
His inspiration was Bart? Day of the Dead? Screams?

Funny how Kathe's has an Angel and Russell's......?
I'll post more pics once Russell's is finished.
We had fun doing these............

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