"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." ~George Bernard Shaw

"Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time." ~Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Saturday, October 18, 2008

We're almost at the end of the bloody campaign trail.....

It hasn't been easy being my sweetie pie's campaign manager,but we've managed to achieve almost all the tasks and goals that we set for ourselves. Being a team of two, along with a few stalwart walkers and talkers and a lot of faithful supporters,
we have managed to cover a lot of neighborhoods going door to door in the last few weeks. And now, that the many forums and "talkathons" and TV appearances are behind us, we are really able to relax and complete the neighborhood door to door meetings making new friends as we go along.
Speaking of new friends, it has been an absolute pleasure during the campaign to really get to know all the candidates. Even though we may not always agree, there has been a high level of respect and camaraderie amongst the seven City Council candidates. It has been an unforgettable experience and one both Russell and I
will remember with positive feelings-regardless of who wins-all of us have comported ourselves with grace and good humor.
In other words, we are all winners and our city is lucky to have such wonderful citizens willing to sacrifice family time for the good of the city. I am proud to have been a small part of this process and I thank each candidate and wish everyone good luck on November 4th.

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