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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Russell is running for City Council

I cannot think of a better person to be on our City Council. It's not just because Russell is my sweetie pie, but because he has more common sense, pragmatism and a forthright way of looking at issues than most people. Especially the folks occupying seats in City Council right now.

They have spent our money with no permission from us, squandered our tax reserves and not maintained our infrastructures as they should have. We now are looking at approximately $150 million dollars in needed repairs to our sewer system and upgraded water supply system. That doesn't take into account the streets in disrepair and important school needs. Meanwhile the current City Council is spending $187,000 on yet another hired consultant and study on the not needed and not approved Safeco Building that is costing us $1,000,000 in an interest only loan!
So, Russell is running for City Council- not for the need of power, but for the greater good of our city. Hopefully, he and others like minded running for city council will win this November and the city can once again be managed by fiscally responsible councilors. Councilors that not only know the value of a dollar but also respect their constituency, value their opinion and want their input on important issues.

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