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Friday, May 11, 2007

Russell's Tile Installation

After months of work and rework, Russell's winter project is not only done but installed-here are a few shots of the process.........

First you start with this- the original walkway had been cut out because of leaking problems....
Russell came up with the idea of making a tile rug
with a tile surround to match the entryway tile ...
so he began to make the tile in the garage- in November....brrrr

After the clay got to be "leather hard" he hand painted each tile
Note the fringe tile at the end of the rug
Unfortunately the first firing resulted in several problems-
so Russell started all over from the beginning......

And here is the end result after 6 months
of intense labor...........well worth it I say!


  1. too cool! i can't wait to see the rest of russell's stuff. just got back from central america and am still planning on heading that way on the 29th...

  2. Hannah-cannot wait to see your shots from Central America-what a year of travel you are having!
    See you soon!


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