"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." ~George Bernard Shaw

"Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time." ~Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Eric Alders MPP 6-3-2013

Photo "Work" by Eric Alder

He thought he was so clever
With crime camouflage
Staining the same color 
But the truth bled through


Eric Alder posts a photo every Monday for us
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Eric (Bubba) Alder said...

Truth always bleeds through.

Thanks for playing M.M.P.P. again this week, Kathe!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Very effective!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Hauntingly clever play on words! What a wonderful intro to a story this would be!

Sandee said...

Very nicely done. As always.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Mama Zen said...

Well done!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

The truth always bleeds through eventually doesn't it? :)